The Truth About Single-Payer Health Care

Yesterday, my Assembly opponent, Anthony Palumbo, posted on social media that the New York Health Act is “just not feasible,” calling it a “pipe dream”.  He’s wrong.  Experts agree that we can guarantee health care to everyone by shifting from the failing private insurance system to universal, publicly financed, health care, that guarantees health care for all.

  • Instead of paying premiums to insurance companies, we would instead pay into the health care system principally through payroll taxes. Everyone would be guaranteed the care we need, and none of us would ever have to pay more than we can afford.
  • The single payer system envisions health care as a necessary public good.  Care should, and would be, guaranteed to all of us based on our medical needs, not on how much money we have, where we work, or where we were born.
  • Single payer insurance will save money as it removes high administrative costs, middlemen, and profit motives from the equation.

Let’s establish transparent, accountable, and encompassing health care.

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