Details matter!
Judge for yourself whether my agenda meets your needs.

Medicare for All or Single Payer Health Care:

  • No one should be afraid to get sick! 
  • The numbers work!  Premiums would be replaced with a payroll tax.
  • We are told it’s a tax increase.  False!  Premium payment replaced by a tax!
  • The plan has no deductibles or co-pays.
  • We spend 36 cents out of every dollar of our premiums to insurance companies and administration.  In Canada, for example, thats 2 cents out of every dollar!

Click here for insight into this issue. Words and numbers from reputable authorities, including Doctors, who are not happy with the paperwork from the insurance companies.

Matching Student Loans to Projected Income:

  • New York State could mandate school’s posting of average incomes for graduates.
  • Match potential income to future debt payment
  • Mandate non-affiliated counseling for students.  Counseling available now is riddled with conflicts of interest.  Objective counseling!
  • Excessive debt is bad for students, bad for the economy, and bad for our future.

Click here for more information on this issue.

Republican tax cuts will raise taxes for many on Long Island:

  • The $10,000 maximum cap for deductions of property taxes will cost more for New Yorkers.
  • The legislature must pass compensating remedies for NYS residents.

Stable Housing Matters:  

  • NYS needs to innovate sources of funds for middle-income housing, keeping our workforce.
  • Local incomes and housing prices used to match.  Not any more.  On L.I., per person midpoint earnings hover around $50,000.  The average home price is $450,000!

Click here for more information on this issue.

Job Formation is at hourly rates for most workers.

  • Wages have remained stagnant in spite of ‘full’ employment.
  • Outsourcing results in dead-end jobs
  • Workers living from paycheck to paycheck.

NYS must work in the best interests of its wage earners to avoid industry consolidation, outsourcing and other underlying cause of wages stagnant for at least 20 years.

Highlighting Government Programs:

  • Increase funding for SUNY to strengthen faculty and programs.
  • NYS needs a larger marketing budget to highlight strong state programs
  • Low tuition options need to be highlighted to attract NYS residents.
  • Compare the value of a SUNY diploma vs. unaccredited programs.